Estate Sale

“Wonderful job at estate sales getting through so many people!”
The sale was advertised so well by Kristin that we couldn’t believe the hordes of people that came! It was an astonishing turnout and [ » Read More ]
I have been to many Estate Sales that Kristin/Queen B has run. They are so well organized, and clean!
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When the two day sale was over and we came back in, the house was empty and the carpet vacuumed. All we could do was say "best decision ever". [ » Read More ]
There were only nine days between the time we left and the time we closed on the house. Kristin handled our [ » Read More ]
RESPECTFUL, PROFESSIONAL, ORGANIZED, and easy to work with. Thank you Queen B for removing all the worries[ » Read More ]
“Very happy with your services."
“We feel, without a doubt, that Queen B Organizing did us a favor beyond
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Kristin and her crew went through the whole house, organized it, found priceless photos and items we thought had been lost and made sure
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"I wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you did with my house. And how clean it was! I couldn't believe my eyes."
Awesome!! I can’t possibly put into words how seamless and hassle free you and your team has made [ » Read More ]
Absolute life savers! We so appreciated their respect for the treasures and memories we couldn’t keep. We can’t recommend them highly enough.
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You folks do a tremendous job [ » Read More ]
Owner Kristin came right over, assessed our “stuff,” and gave us a price and a copy of her contract. She was [ » Read More ]
“Saw them all in action while handling an, efficient, professional, fair and nice. 🙂 I'd certainly look to them
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I would - and have- recommend Queen B Organizing to anyone who needs a thorough and professional service to assist with a sale [ » Read More ]
The time and care you put into your cheerful notes is appreciated. Each one is beautifully
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They consulted with our neighbors before the sale. Everything was displayed very nicely. They sold[ » Read More ]
Accommodating and a pleasure to work with! [ » Read More ]
We appreciate the effort in having everything so organized. [ » Read More ]
Wow! We are so impressed with Queen B. Kristin came over and assessed everything and explained
[ » Read More ]
These ladies are amazing. They are incredibly organized. They took a house in complete chaos, organized
[ » Read More ]
The caring and empathetic relationship she forged with our family allowed us to find our way through this emotional process. Thank you so [ » Read More ]
Queen B and her worker bees did a wonderful job for us...
from start to finish. I certainly would recommend them to do an Estate Sale.
This was my first estate sale--I am in awe of what y'all do, and your attention to detail. I had fun--and will probably attend another at some point.
“QueenB organized and executed an estate sale, which exceeded our expectations. The personal properties
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Our family is enormously grateful to Kristin Bertilson and her team at Queen B Organizing for their assistance
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What a fantastic team! My estate sale was extremely successful! We had hundreds lined up [ » Read More ]
The place was a disaster when they arrived and clean and neat when they were done. We could not have done [ » Read More ]
Everything went very smoothly and we couldn't be happier with the end result.  Queen B Organizing has a stellar reputation and we now understand why!
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We have been spreading the word about the exceptional experience we had with “the B’s and their
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She was very up front as to the costs of the project as well as giving us a detailed description of how [ » Read More ]
Queen B to the rescue! They came in and in one day had the house ready for an estate sale.
[ » Read More ]
Crew members were pleasant, focused, friendly, and hard-working. Communication with me was timely [ » Read More ]
Life savers. Efficient and cleaned up the whole house to prepare for sale. What a
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We completely agree with all of the previous reviews and want to add our praise for Kristin and her crew.
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I would gladly recommend Kristin as a speaker (or consultant) for any group wanting to learn about organizing, streamlining, downsizing, moving, etc.[ » Read More ]
If there is a standard for estate sales, Queen B is it. [ » Read More ]
Kristin was a life saver. She was professional and very responsible with a great sense of humor. [ » Read More ]
All I can say is I wish I had called her earlier!...she took care of every possible issue that came up, handled all my family’s belongings with care and respect, sold [ » Read More ]
It was easy to provide nice words to your employees because every single one I encountered was nice, conscientious, hard working, and [ » Read More ]
Queen B Organizing really made a challenging task survivable. And they did it with respect and consideration. I recommend them without reservation. [ » Read More ]
Could never have done it without you. Even though our sale was on the nastiest week-end of the year, we still did [ » Read More ]
Very professional and well organized crew. Managed to organize, price and sell the contents
[ » Read More ]
Kristin helped us manage both the logistics of the estate sale, and everyone’s strong feelings that accompany such a change. Our family[ » Read More ]
They were responsible and reliable; did what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it and came in [ » Read More ]
We were happy with everything and everything turned out well! We got more than we expected and we were [ » Read More ]
The bottom line is that Queen B was quick, effective and sensitive in helping me liquidate a large amount of personal belongings and I
[ » Read More ]
Thanks, Kristin. We are lucky to have such a professional and customer-friendly business in our town.[ » Read More ]
“You guys set the bar for what all estate sale companies should be!”
Kristin and her staff at Queen B did an amazing job with our Estate sale. They were professional and thorough. [ » Read More ]
I look for their estate sales every week! [ » Read More ]
They did a beautiful job! [» Read More]
"I would highly recommend her services" [ » Read More ]
My friends and I look forward to your sales. You have brought a breath of fresh air to estate sales. You
[ » Read More ]
“I was so shocked when you called last week and told me that we actually made money – and the dollar
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