Atwater Kent Radio Speaker

A savvy treasure hunter, attracted by the inherent beauty of this weathered 1926 Atwater Kent radio speaker, snapped it right up at a Queen B Estate Sale! You see here the before and after pictures of the wonderful restoration he had done by a professional in Florida who specializes in Atwater Kent radios.

Arthur Kent began making do-it-yourself radio kits in 1921, and in 1923, his firm started producing complete radios. By 1925 the Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company had become the largest producer of radios in the U.S. and at its peak in 1929, they made nearly one million radio sets. Atwater Kent radios were of such high quality that many working models still exist today and are highly prized by collectors and restorers.

When it comes to vintage, there’s no such thing as obsolete! The buyer of this Queen B treasure “married” the restored speaker to a restored 1926 Atwater Kent radio, and now enjoys listening to music in his workshop.

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