Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why Hire an Organizer?

There are many reasons! Professional Organizers:

  • Know what items need to be disposed of in a certain way. For example, chemicals and medications. We also know how long you need to hang on to paperwork.
  • Can help you decide what items to keep, donate, or trash.
  • Are aware of organizational techniques and products that can help you.
  • Will never judge or make you part with anything. It’s your stuff and your decisions.
  • Save you money. With your investment in paying for our help, you will spend less on replacing items that you can’t find or letting food expire because you didn’t know it was there.
  • Work with you to help you achieve your end goal and reclaim your space!

2.)  What are your rates for organizing?

Our mission is to help you reach your organizing goals. Because each job and space is different, it is difficult to quote one rate for all services. We can provide organizers with differing levels of expertise, along with assistant organizers to help with larger tasks. Your fee includes the hauling away a carload of shredding, donations, or recycling after each visit. Our organizers range in cost from $85-$100 per hour based on experience and services provided. Our assistants range in price from $75-$85 per hour based on the same criteria.  We typically work in 3-hour sessions, but both rates and length can vary depending on distance, your schedule, time constraints, and other factors. Please call or email for a more accurate quote.

3.)  What are your rates for setting up and running estate sales?

We are the only company in the valley that does not charge a percentage of your sales. There are several advantages to this including the fact that we never own your items. So that we are upfront with costs, we estimate how long it will take our crew to set up and run the sale and present you a no-obligation proposal based on that. Once the proposal is accepted, the rate will not go higher at any point. In some instances, we may even come in below our estimate and will give you a refund for unused hours. We are happy to look at your space and let you know if the value is there to cover our costs and give you an idea of the profit range you might expect.

4.)  What are your rates for moves?

We can help with one aspect of a move or the entire move start to finish. We work at an hourly rate for packing and unpacking and you pay the bill for the movers separately. Please contact us for an estimate of total cost.

5.)  What area do you cover?

We are based in the Corvallis/Albany area, but work with clients in the Lebanon, Monmouth, and Philomath areas regularly. In addition, we travel to Eugene, the coast, McMinnville, and Salem. We do ask for a 4-hour minimum in these areas.

6.)  How far out are you booking clients?

Organizing jobs can typically be started within one to two weeks. Estate sale consults are scheduled within a few days. If you decide to go ahead with a sale, it will generally be scheduled at least one month out, but there may be flexibility in our schedule so give us a call!