Keeping Up With the Queen B

Keeping Up With the Queen B

“The worst thing you can do is stay stuck.”
-Kristin Bertilson

Have you ever considered what it takes to start and grow a business?

Kristin Bertilson started Queen B Organizing over 10 years ago during an economy that was just beginning to recover from the recession of 2008.

While most small businesses don’t last longer than five years, Queen B Organizing finds itself not only with its doors still open, but powering through this unprecedented time of the COVID19 pandemic.

How has she done it? By not allowing herself to become stuck with indecision!

Kristin, a Certified Professional Organizer, was recently interviewed about forming and growing her business for a podcast with her professional organization, NAPO.

When asked about what she wanted listeners to take away from her appearance on the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals’ podcast “Stand Out”, the first thing that came to mind was not allowing yourself to become stuck.

It’s fascinating how many business owners and professionals may become frozen with indecision.

Kristin mentions that, not only should we push forward, but we can learn to be okay with the idea of failing, because if we allow ourselves to fail, we gain knowledge and the opportunity to grow.

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-with thanks to Isaieh Heiken