You should see what Kristin’s organizers (Jesse and Christy) have done in my new house. It’s so beautiful, much better and lots faster than I could ever have done! [» Read More]
Thank you Queen B for working with me to organize my spaces - at my pace. [ » Read More ]
Jesse was absolutely wonderful... [» Read More]
I didn't even know where to start and they knew just what to do. [ » Read More ]
Not only did they come with a strategic plan, but the people who came were kind and friendly. [ » Read More ]
Everyone I worked with was very friendly, had good communication, and was professional. [ » Read More ]
They were not only great at what they do, but really nice people too! [ » Read More ]
Absolutely fabulous! They did a great job! [ » Read More ]
I don't know what I would do without her. Queen B is amazing. [ » Read More ]
I would use Queen B Organizing again in a heartbeat! [» Read More]
"She is a dynamo who gets things done, on time, and within budget." [»Read More]
"Everything we wanted and more" [» Read More]
"I can't say enough great things about this company." [» Read More]
"I want to sing your praises to the wind!"
[» Read More]
You guys are amazing but you are also changing lives and I feel blessed that you came into my life.
[ » Read More ]
Kristin and Queen B's, You did a great job for us! Each day that goes by, we appreciate what you did
[ » Read More ]
You've unplugged a nasty stoppage in this home and everything is running like a dream. [ » Read More ]
I especially appreciated Queen B’s compassionate understanding of what hoarding is all about and how responsive and well organized/prepared they were. [ » Read More ]
I will definitely recommend you! TOTALLY worth it. [ » Read More ]
I wanted to recommend Queen B Organizing for anyone in the Corvallis, Oregon area who might be overwhelmed by a project in their home or business that they need done.
[ » Read More ]
Kristin helped me figure out how I could make my space usable for my particular needs.
[ » Read More ]
Probably my favorite part of their work was the organizing of our new pantry. I am so pleased that I learned about their service and used them after my remodel.
[ » Read More ]
“You are efficient beyond expectations! Thank you so much! I would rename you Queen AAA+."[ » Read More ]
That was a very encouraging and insightful presentation. I will encourage any of our overwhelmed seniors to reach out to you.[ » Read More ]
Kristin was invaluable when helping me to organize 26 years worth of pictures.
[ » Read More ]
"Besides being professional, Kristin’s upbeat personality made her a pleasure to work with."
[ » Read More ]
I have had the pleasure of working with Kristin Bertilson and highly recommend her services for event planning, organizing and/or decorating. [ » Read More ]
Without Kristin’s knowledge and skills I would probably still be emptying out boxes. I can’t thank her enough![ » Read More ]
Kristin provided invaluable advice for the design and organization of our reception area and front office.
[ » Read More ]
You gave me the tools necessary to be more objective, more purposeful, and less fearful in my organizational endeavors. The skills have carried over to other rooms in the house and even [ » Read More ]
There was a place for everything and everything was in its place!
"Being organized and clutter-free makes me feel less stressed and more in control."
[ » Read More ]
I highly recommend Kristin; you will not be disappointed. [ » Read More ]
"Kristin was extremely helpful, patient, and competent."
[ » Read More ]
Kristin has the guidance and energy that I was needing to get things done. She is simply brilliant and passionate about helping people get organized [ » Read More ]
This entire experience has been surprising and delightful in ways that I could not even expect. Kristin created in my home the very feeling that I have been trying to create for years. [ » Read More ]
Kristin helped us transform a clutter-filled home office with a single overhead shelf into a relaxing carpeted yoga space and home office with a curtained closet with custom shelving.
[ » Read More ]
Kristin was very easy to work with and I would recommend her to my friends.
[ » Read More ]
I would gladly recommend Kristin as a speaker (or consultant) for any group wanting to learn about organizing, streamlining, downsizing, moving, etc.[ » Read More ]
Queen B steered me through the process of turning stacks of family records into cohesive information
[ » Read More ]
"...after the absolute worst, cross-country, horribly stressful, disastrously disorganized move of my life, she unburdened me."
[ » Read More ]
Kristin, of Queen B Organizing, is amazing. She has the ability to quickly grasp the scope and needs of a
[ » Read More ]
I cried because you all did such a great job! I cannot thank you enough. It all looks beautiful! Nice job
[ » Read More ]