Packing & Unpacking

We will use them again if we ever have a need. [ » Read More ]
Our assessment of the services performed by Queen B is nothing short of superb, which is one grade above outstanding and two grades above excellent. [» Read More]
We were able to have a quick and successful sale of the house. [» Read More ]
I am so impressed with you and your team. [» Read More]
She is worth -- and earned -- every penny we paid. [» Read More]
Their organization skills are phenomenal![ » Read More ]
I was in the process of moving and QBO came in and took so much stress out of the experience. [ » Read More ]
They were well organized and very caring. [ » Read More]
They were very kind and patient with my mother, helping her get all her things put in just the way she wanted. [ » Read More ]
We, especially, appreciated the attention to detail that Kristin and her crew put into sorting items. [ » Read More ]
Kristin’s team is unbelievable, especially Teresa and Christy! [ » Read More ]
The Hive was so competent and considerate of our special circumstances; I will always be grateful! [ » Read More ]
I was very pleased with the work that they did! [ » Read More ]
"I can't say enough great things about this company." [» Read More]
Thank you, again.
The impossible was accomplished! [ » Read More ]
Would we hire you again? No question about it. Would we recommend you to anyone in our situation? Definitely yes!
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“We feel, without a doubt, that Queen B Organizing did us a favor beyond
[ » Read More ]
Kristin and her crew went through the whole house, organized it, found priceless photos and items we thought had been lost and made sure
[ » Read More ]
"I wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you did with my house. And how clean it was! I couldn't believe my eyes."
“We would still be sitting in the middle of the room wondering what to do if it wasn’t for you. We are so grateful for everything you have done.”
Without Kristin’s knowledge and skills I would probably still be emptying out boxes. I can’t thank her enough![ » Read More ]
There was a place for everything and everything was in its place!
The sale was advertised so well by Kristin that we couldn’t believe the hordes of people that came! It was an astonishing turnout and [ » Read More ]
Kristin helped us manage both the logistics of the estate sale, and everyone’s strong feelings that accompany such a change. Our family[ » Read More ]
I would gladly recommend Kristin as a speaker (or consultant) for any group wanting to learn about organizing, streamlining, downsizing, moving, etc.[ » Read More ]
"...after the absolute worst, cross-country, horribly stressful, disastrously disorganized move of my life, she unburdened me."
[ » Read More ]
RESPECTFUL, PROFESSIONAL, ORGANIZED, and easy to work with. Thank you Queen B for removing all the worries[ » Read More ]
They consulted with our neighbors before the sale. Everything was displayed very nicely. They sold[ » Read More ]
All I can say is I wish I had called her earlier!...she took care of every possible issue that came up, handled all my family’s belongings with care and respect, sold [ » Read More ]
They were responsible and reliable; did what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it and came in [ » Read More ]
Owner Kristin came right over, assessed our “stuff,” and gave us a price and a copy of her contract. She was [ » Read More ]
The place was a disaster when they arrived and clean and neat when they were done. We could not have done [ » Read More ]
There were only nine days between the time we left and the time we closed on the house. Kristin handled our [ » Read More ]
Absolute life savers! We so appreciated their respect for the treasures and memories we couldn’t keep. We can’t recommend them highly enough.
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