In this, the season of gratitude and taking stock of the blessings in our lives, I would like to thank Kristin for all that she has done for me and therefore for my children and family. I am indebted to this amazing woman who has boundless energy, infinite patience, and long-distance vision. Kristin has come into my life and home and, after the absolute worst, cross-country, horribly stressful, disastrously disorganized move of my life, she unburdened me. I have moved dozens of times and this last one, which was made in tandem with a family health crisis, left me depressed, deflated, and hopeless.
Kristin and I powered through the unpacking and organizing of hundreds of bags and boxes and as each item found its proper place in our house I felt my breath returning to normal, bit-by-bit, and my house becoming a home. This Thanksgiving I will set my organized dinnerware on my cleaned-off dining table in my lovely dining room and I will acknowledge the gift of Kristin’s kindness, professionalism, and friendship.

Ann Bradford
Corvallis – Chicago
November 2013