“My wife passed away suddenly in the summer of 2014. She left behind 40 years of accumulated collections, hobby materials and other things that attracted her interests. Our 4500 sq. ft. house and two other buildings on our property were full of things that needed new homes but I was in no condition to think rationally about what to do. A friend recommended I talk with Kristin at Queen B. Kristin not only guided me on how to go about it but her the Bees organized everything, checked carefully to be sure I wasn’t getting rid of things I would be sorry about later and then arranged to have my items integrated with other estate sales they were doing over the summer. I didn’t have to expose the inside of my home and all my other belongings to a couple hundred people I didn’t know! Lastly, after more than a year, I realized that I still had a sizable amount of things that needed to be moved on. Once again, Kristin arranged to integrate them into another estate sale. The bottom line is that Queen B was quick, effective and sensitive in helping me liquidate a large amount of personal belongings and I even made a little money in the process. Queen B gets a 5-star rating from me!”

Dave Gazeley