QBO helped me clean out and organize my garage before I moved. I was able to communicate with them ahead of time and share photos. So when they came, they had a plan and all the supplies they needed to get the job done. Not only did they come with a strategic plan, but the people who came were kind and friendly. Christy, Jesse and their whole crew were great to work alongside as we went through things. They were not judgmental, they saw the value in my things and made sure they went to a good home. We completely emptied the garage. Got rid of tons of things and organized and put away everything I kept. My garage went from a disorganized mess where I couldn’t find anything to complete order. It was the most amazing transformation and gave me peace of mind and helped me wrap my head around everything I had to do get ready to move. They brought the order, the plan, and the muscles that I needed to get the job done. It was definitely worth it.

Kim Williams

Eugene, Oregon