Queen B Organizing company is an amazing service! I was tasked as Executor for my Aunt’s estate and bless her heart, she was an extreme hoarder and her house was filled with junk/possessions from the floor to the attic… I needed to get her house prepped/ready for sale and the task of cleaning it out was more than daunting/overwhelming for a busy career woman like me…I was extremely apprehensive/anxious and worried on how I was going to get this done. I researched various companies online and called Kristin/Queen B to tell her what I needed and she put my mind at ease immediately and I could tell they were up for the task. I especially appreciated Queen B’s compassionate understanding of what hoarding is all about and how responsive and well organized/prepared they were. Everything, was cleared/cleaned in less than 3 days and I received a check for items they were able to sell afterwards!! It was quite unbelievable and impressive as I am pretty certain this would have taken a couple of grueling/unpleasant months of non-stop work by myself/family members. I would highly recommend Queen B for any project/tasks you need done! It was a very painless process for our family and the cost was very reasonable and worth every single cent! Thank you Queen B

Laurie Morrical