You should see what Kristin’s organizers (Jesse and Christy) have done in my new house. It’s so beautiful, much better and lots faster than I could ever have done! They are very hard workers and so pleasant to be with.

Pictures have been hung, furniture in very pleasing arrangements, drawers and closets so organized and logical that I can find anything I’m looking for. Christy did a great job setting up the master bedroom, which is so attractive and comfortable. She’s so organized and creates logical set-ups. It’s like she can read my mind.

Jesse has a design background that has really been great on this job. I had struggled with the layout of the living room and still wasn’t happy with it. Jesse completely redesigned the space and pulled it all together quickly. It seemed like a miracle because it was so well done and utilized the space beautifully. I could never have come up with this layout. It’s perfect!

They worked on the office. I finally got the internet set up, and Jesse is working on two TVs and my computer and printer. It is so great to have his expertise. Christy helped me organize the desk so that it looks better than ever and functions well.

Next, they start on the garage. Lots to do out there, including putting together 3 sets of shelves. I’ll be able to find anything I’m looking for.

You told me this would be expensive, and it was. But they’re worth every penny!

Linda S.

Redmond, Oregon