“Kristin and her crew at Queen B are life savers. I was standing in my mom’s home, getting a quote from “Boys in Blue” moving company, to move my mom to senior care. They gently suggested we get help from Queen B. I called Queen B right then and there and Kristin personally answered, listened to my call for help and immediately put a plan into action for my mom and her house – changing her schedule to accommodate the immediate needs of my mom. My mom’s move could not have been done without Kristin and the Queen B crew. Kristin quietly came into my mom’s house and with such patience talked to my mom about her things and memories and guided her to pick the most precious memories to take with her to Bonaventure. Queen B successfully downsized my mom from a 2000 square foot home to a 900 square foot apartment. Kristin spent the whole day with my mom, who has Alzheimer’s, gently guiding her through the selection of household items and memories to take with her while the Queen B crew quietly and swiftly put the move into action under Kristin’s direction. Kristin and her crew set up mom’s new apartment, pictures and all and didn’t leave my mom until she was happy with everything and settle in. My mom and family did not have to unpack a single box or hang a single picture. Kristin and her crew with the help of Boys in Blue moved my mom and got her settled with all her things in place in one day. AMAZING!!!. With my mom’s safely moved and settled Kristin and her crew returned to organize and hold my mom’s estate sale. I don’t know how we would have accomplished all that without Queen B. Kristin and her crew went through the whole house, organized it, found priceless photos and items we thought had been lost and made sure we got them before the sale and put on one fantastic sale. They even sold my mom’s car right out of the garage. Everything went so smooth and after the sale everything was cleaned up and the house put right for sale. All I can say is Queen B is truly amazing and I highly recommend them. Thank you Kristin and the crew at Queen B for making a Herculean task seem easy and pain free. You are truly a wonderful resource for seniors and their families.”

Lisa Curry