“After I had my kitchen remodeled, I arranged to have Queen B organize the kitchen—it was very helpful and I highly recommend them. Kristin and Susie talked with me about how I use the kitchen, appliances, dishes, baking supplies, spices, etc, and how often I use everything, and they developed a plan. They literally unpacked the boxes of all of my kitchen stuff and put the stuff away according to the plan. When they needed to use some containers, they used the ones I had and they also had some nifty containers on hand that I used, that fit the spaces really well, and they even labeled the containers so that me and my family would remember what goes where. Probably my favorite part of their work was the organizing of our new pantry. I am so pleased that I learned about their service and used them after my remodel. They were much faster with organizing the kitchen than I could have done on my own, and they just plain have better organizational skills than me or most folks. It was well worth the cost to have them organize the area, and they were super friendly too.”

Ronda McLean