When I first heard Queen B speak at a home show in Eugene I knew that I needed her help organizing the piles of papers in my home office. What I didn’t know was that the organization she provided would be just what the doctor ordered!

Genetic testing revealed that I have an 80% chance of colon cancer. Part of the testing procedure involved hours of genealogy made possible because Queen B steered me through the process of turning stacks of family records into cohesive information available for scrutiny. My geneticist was VERY impressed with the filing system Queen B set up with me; each branch of the family in a separate file, rather than heaped in a very discouraging box of disparate pieces of paper covering several generations.

If you’ve ever had to meet with your doctor to discuss your medical history, you know how important it is to have your records in order. And, the older we get (hopefully) the more records we have to maintain.

To your good health! Get your stuff in order; it can save your life!

Sherrill Kirchhoff
Eugene, Oregon
May 2013