“We very much appreciated you and particularly what Susie did for us. Left to our own devices, we still would not have moved. We would have gotten bogged down by trying to sort through things, and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. The chore of packing and moving our possessions would have been insurmountable. Susie did a good job of keeping the process going. Sure I could I have hung the pictures and hooked up the electronics myself, but doing to it would have been physically exhausting. By the time Susie finished her work, we were fully moved in and set to live in our new home.
Susie was always available to help with whatever we needed, and did things as we asked her to do them, while making helpful suggestions. She communicated very well, was on time, and she was very accommodating in terms of prioritizing what needed to be done first to make our new home livable as quickly as possible. Working with the same person throughout the process was essential to the success of the job.

Would we hire you again? No question about it. Would we recommend you to anyone in our situation? Definitely yes! Without family or a network of friends to lend a hand, your help was extraordinarily useful and necessary.”

Steve Yellan