Several years ago, at middle age, my husband and I combined two households into one home. He likes white walls and efficiency; I like color and tolerate clutter. I contacted Kristin for help with figuring out what pieces of furniture were going to stay and which ones needed to leave, as well as which rooms to place them in. On top of that I knew I also wanted to change the flow in our home. Kristin and I ended up moving every piece of furniture but one on the first floor of our house, moving both the living and dining rooms to new rooms altogether, and creating a new yoga space in our home office, plus creating a new sitting room that looks out onto our backyard. Decluttering was done all along the way. Things left the house and we never looked back. Kristin helped us transform a clutter-filled home office with a single overhead shelf into a relaxing carpeted yoga space and home office with a curtained closet with custom shelving. Kristin also gave me great advice for paint colors, organizing the kitchen, culling paper files, organizing photos, and organizing two other closets. She is a dynamo who gets things done on time and within budget. Everything was done with furniture we already had, except for one new bookshelf and one café table. We are amazed by the huge change in our house—how it looks, how it feels, and how it works now. Kristin was only here 3-4 times and accomplished what we never could have been able to do in any amount of time! The best part of working with Kristin is that she quickly understood what I was trying to accomplish and guided me every step of the way with really great ideas and advice that made the end result even better than I could have imagined. My husband and I are both thrilled with the results. Previously, we rarely entertained in our home; it was just too much work and things didn’t flow. We didn’t even think we liked entertaining, but now we have people over all the time! Our friends and family tell us our home has never felt so warm and welcoming.

Tina B.
May 2012