Fantastic! Queen B is a very respectful and professionally-run company. After 60 years in my home I decided to sell and move to Portland. My home sold quickly, so Kristin with her employees came to my home, cleaned up, and organized all my belongings that I had left behind. They even took time to look for a couple of things I forgot and set them aside. Kristin’s knowledge of the possible earnings from the sale enabled us to set the hours and people needed to get the job done. When Queen B finished with the sale, the whole house was completely cleaned out. I was hoping to just cover the expenses of her time, but to my surprise I even received a check, with photos of donations and where they were donated in the community.

RESPECTFUL, PROFESSIONAL, ORGANIZED, and easy to work with. Thank you Queen B for removing all the worries of what to do with the items left in the house.
Thank you so much!

Trinette Nickleson
Corvallis, Oregon
June 2014