The Organized Mom

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It has been said that being a working mom is the hardest job in the world. Between managing household tasks, schedules, work, errands, and trying to fit in that ever elusive “quality time,” a working mother may feel she is juggling two jobs.

Without a wish granting genie, one of the best ways to stay focused and level headed, is to build a sense of order and calm into your space. Organization is the key! While the idea of tackling an organizing challenge on top of everything else may seem as realistic as creating world peace before breakfast, it is possible and will make your life easier and less stressful.

Start with a routine:
Try setting aside one day a week when you have the time available to get your organizational tasks started. Mark your calendar for a “Let’s get Organized Day” and make a list of all the little projects that you want to accomplish. Budget each task in 15 minute increments so that you can see progress easily and you won’t get overwhelmed.

Declutter often
The average person may feel the urge to save up all their big projects for a one time “Spring cleaning.” However, that can be exhausting and time consuming. Remember, it didn’t take one day to reach the current state of clutter and it may take more than one day to undo months of life’s clutter. Try to make one weekend each month a “big project time.” Schedule one large project such as cleaning out closets or organizing the garage for these weekends.

Get the family involved
If you have older kids or a spouse to help, make a game out of it! “Whoever can get the most bags of trash or donation items collected, wins a prize”. For the younger kids, when sorting through their toys a good rule of thumb is, if they haven’t played with the toy in the past 6 months they will probably won’t miss it. If children are particularly reluctant to let go of their toys, you may suggest that the toys go “on vacation” for three months. Bag the selected toys and store them. When “vacation” is over, let the kids rediscover their toys and send the next batch away to a quiet stay in the garage or storage shed!

And if you need help deciding where to begin? Queen B Organizing can come out for a 1-hour TO-DO List Management session. We will help you organize your time and prioritize your needs!

Call us today 541-231-6964! Lets have fun!


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