Beehive Sale This Weekend!

Here are some things of note about our sales:
  • Masks will be required at the estate sale.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to the sale.
  • Limited entry depending on size of house.

If you are unable to attend the estate sale in person you may email us at to schedule a virtual session. In your email to us please include your name, phone number, and a window of availability during the sale hours on Friday. We will contact you on the sale day within your availability window.

Hi Everyone,

Here it is! Our next Beehive sale!

Friday, February 26th 8:00-2:00
Saturday, February 27th 9:00-3:00
Sunday, February 28th 9:00-1:00
** Sunday is discount day! Everything $45 and under is half off and other items are discounted!

2409 Kings Blvd
Corvallis OR 97330
** The old Maurices building, the location of the last four Beehive sales.

Timberhill Shopping Center on the corner of Kings Blvd and Walnut. The sale will be located in the old Maurices building.

Plenty of parking in the parking lot.


The Beehive is buzzing again! We’ve got an amazing sale set up. Many handmade and Native American baskets, a considerable selection of weaving tools and yarn. A library full of books on basket making, kites, and so much more. There is antique furniture and children’s toys, costumes and vintage clothing, a large section of kitchen items, and half a building full of craft and sewing items.

So, let’s get started!

Entering the right side of the building you’ll see a ProForm XP Thinline 480 elliptical exerciser, which sits in front of a beautiful executive desk with cherry finish, matching file cabinets and upper shelf unit. There’s also a large metal file cabinet and a three-drawer oak file cabinet. On the wall there’s a beautiful ornate wood clock and wall hangings positioned over a twin size brass bed frame with a Casper mattress. At the end of the bed sits a lovely side-drop leaf table with radiator heaters under it. There is depression glass, a Lladro statue, vintage license plates, and brass mid-century lamps.

Moving on into the room there is a large beautifully carved curio cabinet with glass, a swivel mirror, several area rugs, an oak bookcase with vases and figurines on it. We’ve got another tall oak bookcase displayed with pitchers and vases, a French Provincial bedroom set, which includes matching nightstands, dresser, and desk, an oak desk with a small oak bookcase on top of it. Every surface is adorned with glassware and collectibles.

Then the craft section begins!
You’ll find bags and jars full of corks, wooden spools, beeswax candles & candle making supplies, t-squares, buckets full of all sizes of knitting needles, silk flowers, chenille stems, pipe cleaners, boxes to decorate, pieces of felt and leather, bolts of fabric, scrapbooking stamps, ink pads, ribbon and lace, seashells, yarn and thread in large spools. Many many threads and fabrics for weaving. You’ll also see a cute white and teal three-drawer cabinet, quilting squares, quilting templates, sewing notions, scissors, extensive selection of yarn, bins and bins of thread, large bins full of embroidery hoops in a huge selection of sizes. There is silk yarn, cotton yarn, embroidery thread, embroidery floss, and another entire table, with bookcases on top, and bins underneath, that is all yarn! There is ribbon and lace, trim, spools of piping and fabric trim, handmade doilies, vintage fabric and linens, handkerchiefs, knit hats, fabric napkins, baby blankets, window sheers, pillowcases, a large collection of crocheted doilies and potholders. We also have passamentry trim, Pendleton wool & SW blanket, antique wooden bobbins, and vintage wooden hat molds.

In the center of this section is a plethora of beads; many, many beads. Including seed beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, plastic beads, wood beads and string beads. We’ve got floss organizers and beading wire. There is a XR7700 Brother computer sewing machine, an Elna Supermatic sewing machine, and a Dremel MultiPro plus UltraKit.

In the center aisle is a full size antique brass bed frame covered with blankets. At either end of the bed is a beautiful cedar chest, one full of pillows and draped with wool fabric, the other full of animal pelts. There are metal racks full of fabric pieces, including wool, polyester, upholstery fabric, and cotton as well as a large selection of quilting fabric, including fat quarters.

Back towards the front of the store you’ll see a beautiful vintage five drawer walnut wood vanity with mirror, a vintage oak shelf unit covered with bins of costume jewelry, a vintage vanity dresser with trifold mirror, grapevine wreaths, raffia, many wreath-making & basket making materials, oriental wall hangings and kites. There is a brown leather chair, a dark wood curio cabinet with leaded glass door and artwork for you to envision on the walls of your home.

There is a unique collection for this sale;  an amazing collection of handmade Native American baskets of large, mid-sized and small sizes, some even museum quality! The majority are from Northwest Coast + Athabascan tribes: Haida, Kerok, Miwok, Siletz, Micmac, Nootka, Yurok, Quinault, Papago, Maliseet, Coast Salish, Kurok, Hupa, Plateau, Chehalis and Klamath. There is one from an East Coast tribe – Penobscot, plus Shaker & other traditional East Coast American baskets. We also have baskets from other countries: Mexico, Japan, and Antique Chinese baskets. The collectable high-end ethnic sewing baskets are Native American, Chinese, Shaker; the collectable string holder/yarn holders are Native American; and the collectable antique picnic baskets are both Native American and Shaker. We don’t want to forget to tell you about the two outstanding NWC women’s basket hats, Nootka or Makah Whale Hunter Hat, several birchbark containers decorated with fine quillwork and 2 contemporary cedar baskets made by Native American artists, decorated with beads. There is also carved, antique wooden Shaman’s rattle (a bear), small antique beaded Native American leather pouch plus lots and lots of economical baskets including some nice huge ones and a whole bunch of teeny-tiny ones. The artist herself made a large amount of nice baskets and sewn bark containers with basket-making materials of peeled cedar bark, birch bark sheets, sweet grass, pine needles, raffia, wicker, twine.

Moving away from the baskets, you’ll find a blue rocker chair, a set of bookcases, a display coffin (yes, a coffin) with a collection of old metal sinks sitting on top, and a collection of antlers. There’s petrified wood, fossils, buckets of geodes and a multitude of bells and garden gnomes. We have lots of large glass jars and bottles, a Buddha for the garden, a Weathervane topper, and boxes full of insulators.

There is a beautiful mahogany cabinet full of player piano rolls and topped with pottery. There are two record cabinets also full of player piano rolls and topped with vintage suitcases, lamps and ashtrays.

Moving back down the center of the room there are vintage toys, dolls, an old cradle, rocking chair, children’s wood chairs, an antique wood riding/walking horse, vintage school desk, antique piano stool with metal base, a wooden crate full of vintage soda bottles, several more bookcases loaded with smoking pipes, and weaving tools. Horse tack, handmade metal art, and a spinning wheel are also in this area. There are antique wood folding chairs, round oak pedestal table, vintage steamer trunk, a kitchen butcher block island, many weaving tools, several pieces of luggage, and antique children’s chairs. We have a New Home Treadle sewing machine table, stained glass art throughout the store, Adams English currier decorative plates, small antique medicine bottles, and Fitz and Floyd appetizer plates.

Towards the back of the building there is a table covered in animal pelts and behind that in the back of the room there is a large selection of vintage clothing. There are furs, kimonos, coats, handmade outfits, and costumes, bins of scarves and handkerchiefs, purses, hats, and gloves.

Back here you’ll find a table full of weaving gear, including all types of shuttles, spools, raddles, waft & warp tools. Also, there are office supplies including staplers, tape, bins of cards, bookends, paper holders, magazine holders, school supply boxes, and file boxes. You will find bags of hardware, casters, sandpaper, plate stands, a chandelier base, portable camp toilet, vacuum cleaners, large dog crate, a large selection of hand tools including many vintage hand drills, locks, antique door knobs and finials. This is where you’ll find petrified wood, a huge section of seashells, including conch, and many antlers. There are extension cords, a Ryobi 12V drill with accessories, clamps, old ice skates, a Scott Atwater boat motor, small space heaters, planters, old hubcaps, a Toro leaf blower, lots of camp coolers, tennis rackets, large garbage cans, boxes of insulators, a selection of birdhouses, and yard ornaments, selection of gas cans, a folding cot, glass blocks, light covers and a large selection of various rope.

Before heading down to the dressing room area, you’ll see a shelf unit with an antique Singer sewing machine, and several vintage typewriters, including Rockington, Royal, Olympic and Underwood brands. There is a Kodak Kodaslide Merit projector, a rare Romanslide New Z projector, brass twin size bed frame, a vintage Newcomb AVT-S100V record player. There are cameras including Canon and Coolpics and a vintage iMac.

In the back right dressing room you’ll find shelves full of hand towels, washcloths, and a huge selection of kitchen towels. The next dressing room you will find sheets, towels, comforters, bath mats, floor mats, and beach towels. Then you enter the library where we have shelves and shelves of books of a wide variety. The dressing rooms on the other side of the store are home to Christmas, holiday and children’s toys. In the Christmas rooms we have tree ornaments, tinsel, and garland. The last dressing room on the left has games, various Rubik’s cubes, stuffed animals, and a few vintage windup toys. Don’t forget to see the large custom oil painting of Howdy Doody, all of our Godzilla memorabilia, vintage Star Wars R2D2 remote control and Jeff Gordon racing Pepsi artwork.

On the shelves against the back wall on the left side of the room you’ll find instruments and a large variety of knickknacks and tchotchkes.

Moving down the left side of the building you will find tables full of picture frames, matte board, and more art. There is craft, rice and homemade paper, and wallpaper borders, various art prints from local artists, small Fenton glassware pieces, twin size futon chair/bed, antique sleigh bells, large rustic farm tub, and an Asian black lacquer coffee table with hand painting.

Then there is the kitchen section with boxes of copper jello molds, and a set of Haviland Limoges dishes. There are glass canisters, pan sets, sake sets, colanders, large Pyrex measuring cups, silver serving trays and bowls, bakeware, blenders, vintage cake carriers, glass carafes, a KitchenAid battery operated blender, a Cuisinart coffee carafe, Le Creuset pans, Corningware casserole dishes, a collection of teapots and carafes, stainless steel mixing bowls, flatware, teacup and saucer sets, as well as a huge selection of kitchen utensils and flatware. A Berkeley Royal semi-porcelain dish set by Wood & Sons, spring form pans, rolling pins, cutting boards, wood bowls, salad bowls and serving bowls. There are bins of fountain glasses, wooden utensils, an Instant Pot, vintage lunch boxes, bins of cookie cutters, a bin full of tea strainers, copper pots tea kettles, bacon presses, and several dish sets.

This section also has a black round oriental table, large collection of wire baskets, paper weights, old washboards, a set of Fisher speakers, many cigar boxes, paper lanterns, and silver set.

At the cash table there are specialty baskets, some Hudson Bay Trade beads, turquoise necklaces beads, fossils, antique candy molds (rabbit shapes), glass beads, Chandelier crystals, and a 1700 gothic German Bible. We’ve got art from local Corvallis artists: a Watercolor by Cy Stensvold and a Joan Brown oil painting. Polished stone and gems, steel wheat pennies, a small Steiff bear, various oversees currency, Pukka shell jewelry.

There is also more art, traditional and Persian style area rugs, lamps, and so much more! You have to see it to believe it!

We hope to see you soon and on behalf of ourselves and our clients, we appreciate your support and shopping!

**Photos will be up on Craigslist on Thursday, please search “QBO”.


Kristin and all the Busy B’s
Queen B Organizing

Look for our upcoming sales!

March 5th & 6th – Estate Sale in Albany!

March 12th & 13th – Estate Sale in Corvallis!

March (Date TBA) – The next Beehive Sale!!

** We are starting to take items for our Beehive storefront!  If you have something you would like us to help you sell, please reach out!