Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re not having any estate sales this week, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Some things to note for our upcoming sale:
  • There is an entry limit.
  • If you would like to shop virtually,  please contact us via email at getorganized@queenborganizing.com
  • Masks will be required for the duration of the estate sale.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to the sale.

If you are unable to attend the estate sale in person you may email us at getorganized@queenborganizing.com to schedule a virtual session. In your email to us please include your name, phone number, and a window of availability during the sale hours on Friday. We will contact you on the sale day within your availability window.

On this upcoming Thanksgiving day, we would like to say how thankful we are for all of your support throughout the year. We have been in business 10 years this year, and we would not have made it this far without your care, concern, and love you have shown us.  We have grown as a company, and we are so very grateful to be part of this community.  So thank you! Thank you for every kind word, attending our sales, hiring us to organize your spaces, believing in us, and allowing us to help so many people in so many different ways.  While we all know that Thanksgiving looks a bit different this year, please know the thanks we feel for each one of you is tremendous.

Thank you so much and we hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving,

From Kristin and the B’s

**Photos will be up on Craigslist on Thursday, please search “QBO”.


Kristin and all the Busy B’s
Queen B Organizing

Look for our upcoming sales!

December 4th & 5th- Unique estate Sale in Corvallis!
December 11th & 12th – Fun sale in Dallas! Last sale of the year!
January- Two sales already on the books!!

Items left over from Turner sale:
These items are in our office, please let us know if one of them belongs to you so we can arrange a time for you to pick them up after Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you!
Bird/shovel outdoor decoration
Box of large Christmas ornaments
Brown,white, pink, and blue vase/pitcher
Items from Beehive Sale:
Del T – We have your items in the office

  • Find out more about Kristin and Queen B Organizing by clicking on the YouTube video below:)