Welcome to Queen B Organizing, your premier destination for professionally managed and organized estate sales. As the largest estate sale company in the Willamette Valley we are able to handle any size estate. If you don’t want a sale in your home we have the ability to move items to a offsite retail location we call the Beehive where we hold multi-family estate sales.

Our expert team meticulously organizes each estate sale, presenting an extensive array of heirlooms, collectibles, furniture, art, and more. Whether you’re an antique enthusiast, a vintage aficionado, or simply seeking distinctive pieces for your home, our sales offer something truly special.

Why Choose Queen B Organizing for Your Estate Sale Needs?

  • Curated Collections: Immerse yourself in thoughtfully curated collections that span decades and styles. From timeless classics to hidden gems, we showcase items that tell stories and spark joy.
  • Professional Expertise: Our experienced appraisers and organizers ensure that every item is valued accurately and presented beautifully. You can trust in our knowledge and commitment to quality. 
  • Local Treasures, Extensive Reach: We attract buyers and collectors from across the region and beyond. Your cherished items will find new homes in the hands of those who truly appreciate their value. We use modern marketing systems to get as many buyers to your sale.
  • Easy Navigation: Our user-friendly website makes it simple to explore upcoming estate sales, preview items, and plan your visit. At the sale our helpful staff is there to answer any questions and offer shopper’s a helping hand. We’re dedicated to providing a seamless experience, both online and in person.
  • Environmental Responsibility: By giving pre-owned items new life, we contribute to sustainable living and reduce our ecological footprint. Join us in the journey towards a greener future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance do I need to book a sale?

A: Contact us as we have the ability to setup and run a sale on very short notice. We also have the option to move items off site to speed up the sale of your home.

Q: What areas do you provide Estate Sale Services?

A: For Estate Sale services we limit our area to 30 miles from Corvallis, as we have a large team and traveling farther than that usually doesn’t yield the best outcome for clients. If you have a very large estate outside of the 30 mile range and need to clear your property quickly, contact us as we can help you coordinate the process.

Q: I don’t want to have people come to my home for a sale, are there any other options?

A: Yes, we have the ability to move items and sell them at our offsite location. We can help coordinate packing items, donating items, moving the most valuable items. We can also help clean your home and get it ready for sale. Contact us for rates on off site sales.

Q: What is the price to have an estate sale?

A: We charge a flat rate for our minimum package includes 2 days of setup and a 2 day sale. We then charge hourly for time needed beyond the minimum setup time. We can also handle clearing out the property after the sale and donating as many items as possible. Contact us for pricing.

Q: Do you offer estate valuation services?

A: Yes, we can help you with valuation of your items. We also can help setup a sale they you can run or just come by and help price items. We are happy to help you in any way we can.

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