Oh, There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

There is no way around the news that 2020 has been a difficult year. And now here we are preparing for Thanksgiving, and Christmas is only a few short weeks away. For many of us feeling stuck at home, finding ways to be in the holiday spirit may be challenging this year. But good planning can help rejuvenate the experience.

Make a List. Check it Twice.

Start with making some lists. Who is on your list to connect with this holiday season? What are the most important parts of your holidays? Where can you make changes? What activities can you creatively adapt?  Taking stock of what is available to you in this trying year may spark some creative solutions to celebrating at home, with or without your usual company or traditions. Try visualizing your lists using drawings such as these to brainstorm ideas for planning gatherings in and out of your home, and virtually as well!   Ideas might include:

  • Cleaning out a garage space for a socially distanced gathering. Hang lights for ambiance.
  • Arranging a covered backyard or driveway space for picnicking. Add heaters, if required in your area.
  • Share favorite holiday recipes virtually using zoom, google hangouts or an app like Signal. Then you can share pictures of your creations after you make them!
  • If gift-giving is on your list, send gifts early and schedule time to open them together. Homemade and locally purchased items are particularly meaningful this year.

For more suggestions for entertaining virtually and at home, check out this article from the LA Times.

Consider Your Space

Whether you will be alone or celebrating with your select family or friends, consider spending some time organizing and decorating your space. It will lift your spirits and can also create some wonderful background for your virtual connections. Festive décor that is easy to change and to store is a wonderful way to reshape your surroundings and provide some respite from the difficulties of this year. Lights, candles, and greenery are simple and inexpensive ways to add some joy to your home.

Consider Others

During this season, many of us consider how to help those loved ones or strangers who have had economic and emotional difficulties through the year. With the pandemic and Oregon wildfires, many more people need assistance this year. Consider using your resources to provide help through one of the many agencies supporting holiday giving this year. Encouraging your family to agree on a local charity to support is a wonderful gift to others.


Make your lists. Check them twice. If you need help with the process of planning or organizing your holidays in a meaningful way, Queen B Organizing can provide expertise and a caring attitude to make your holiday spirit bright. May we all find some holiday joy.