Keeping Up With the Queen B

Keeping Up With the Queen B

“The worst thing you can do is stay stuck.”
-Kristin Bertilson

Have you ever considered what it takes to start and grow a business?

Kristin Bertilson started Queen B Organizing over 10 years ago during an economy that was just beginning to recover from the recession of 2008.

While most small businesses don’t last longer than five years, Queen B Organizing finds itself not only with its doors still open, but powering through this unprecedented time of the COVID19 pandemic.

How has she done it? By not allowing herself to become stuck with indecision!

Kristin, a Certified Professional Organizer, was recently interviewed about forming and growing her business for a podcast with her professional organization, NAPO.

When asked about what she wanted listeners to take away from her appearance on the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals’ podcast “Stand Out”, the first thing that came to mind was not allowing yourself to become stuck.

It’s fascinating how many business owners and professionals may become frozen with indecision.

Kristin mentions that, not only should we push forward, but we can learn to be okay with the idea of failing, because if we allow ourselves to fail, we gain knowledge and the opportunity to grow.

Listen here to the full podcast and check out our Facebook and Instagram posts for organizing tips, updates on estate sales, and more!

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It’s Summer! Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

image from PexelsAre you planning a move? Let Queen B Organizing help you prepare! Realtors across the Willamette Valley are indicating a high volume of sales for the spring and summer. While the pandemic has created some major ripples in the real estate industry that will likely be in place for the foreseeable future, you can still sell your home at a price you’re happy with in this market.

Here is some information to get you on the right path for both online and in-person listings:

Prep Your Home
From decluttering to staging, start with these basics to be sure your home looks its best.

  • First, declutter every room in your home to create a visually appealing space.
  • Then, deep clean every nook and cranny to make it sparkle!
  • Once your home is clutter-free and spotless, stage furniture to make it look perfect, yet lived-in.
  • Be sure the exterior of your home is clean and well-kept; curb appeal is one of several major selling points.

Hire Professionals
Consider hiring professionals who can make the entire home selling process easier. Check your local Chamber of Commerce for reputable businesses.

  • A professional organizer like a staff member from Queen B Organizing, can make a huge difference in your home’s presentation and save you time packing.
  • A professional cleaner can keep your home spic-and-span throughout the selling process.
  • Unless you have ample experience in photography, hire a professional to do your listing photos and video. You want them to stand out.

Showing Your Home
While there’s something special about seeing a home personally, there are several ways that buyers can view your home virtually.

  • Realtors can take buyers on a live tour by using a video chat app.
  • Professional photographers can create a 3D walkthrough of your home, which allows buyers to tour your home whenever they want – no appointment needed.
  • When your listing photos and videos are good quality, often that is all buyers need to see to make an offer!

Though things have changed in the real estate market, you can still land the home sale you’ve been looking for. Remember to invest in staging your home, look into alternatives to in-person showings, and work with professionals who can showcase your home.

Summer is here and the pandemic doesn’t have to keep you from moving on. Let Queen B Organizing help you through the transition. Call today to learn how!

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15 apps to digitize your life

If you ever need to take a home inventory, you’ll need to have a clear record of everything in your house and know exactly how much it’s all worth so that you can be reimbursed in case anything unfortunate happens. That means everything in your drawers, cupboards, and closets. All the tools in your garage and all your electronic gadgets. Your furniture, bedding, and towels. Even family heirlooms, keepsakes, and collectable items. Everything.

If all of this planning and organization sounds pretty daunting, we get it. Without the right tools at your disposal, keeping track of your stuff is a messy affair. Thankfully, this is 2019 and there are dozens of apps to help you stay organized — whether you’re moving or simply tidying up. The visual below highlights the top 15.

After you download a home inventory app that’s right for you, here are some tips for taking a detailed and thorough home inventory:

  • Scour your house to make sure you’ve looked everywhere for anything important. The top shelf in your closet, the corner of your attic, and the racks in your garage are all great places to start.

  • Always have a backup copy of your inventory. Look for an app that backs up your inventory list in a cloud system so that if anything happens to your phone or computer, you’re still covered.

  • Keep a record of serial numbers for expensive items and note exactly how much you paid for them. This way, you’ll be able to ensure the right coverage.

The Organized Mom

DIY Ideas for Revamping Your Old Home

Living in an older, outdated home? Give it a little refresh with these renovation ideas that you can tackle yourself. It may take a little work, but let’s get your hands dirty!

Organize the Chaos

Decluttering is the first step to giving your old home a makeover. Not only will it make you feel less overwhelmed, it will also make it easier to start other projects that would require you to shift furniture and other items around the house.

First, take careful inventory of your belongings, and keep only what you need. Sell valuable items, donate gently used goods, recycle what you can, and toss only what is broken or unusable. This can be a daunting task; objects often carry sentimental value, and it can be difficult to let go. If this happens to you, designate a box for items that you’re unsure of or are simply not ready to part with. Seal the box and wait a month. At the end of the month, if you can’t recall what was in the box or don’t feel particularly attached any longer, you can get rid of it!

Once you’re finished with your purge, everything leftover should have a place. This will help keep clutter from building up and make it easier for you to find things when you need them! If you have limited storage space, consider investing in furniture with built-in storage, such as a captain’s bed. Finally, pick a single spot in your house for clutter, such as a junk drawer or basket. Training yourself one little bit at a time will help you keep your home organized and clutter free.

From Floor to Ceiling

Shag carpeting and popcorn ceilings can really date your home; modernize by removing them from floor to ceiling. Flooring can get expensive pretty quickly, but you can avoid an unattractive price tag by exposing and refinishing hardwood floors—especially if you do it yourself. If your worn or outdated carpeting does not have hardwood underneath, take on the task! If the real stuff is too pricey, there are plenty of faux hardwood options to choose from, including laminate, wood-look tile, luxury vinyl, and soft wood foam tiles.

After you have your footing, time to tackle the unsightly wallpaper. While it’s making its way back around, most original wallpapering will show its age with peeling, cracking, yellowing, or fading. Replace it with a newer, more fashionable style, or remove it completely. Before removing any paint or wallpaper, make sure if your old stuff contains lead that you have it removed by a professional. You should also remove popcorn ceilings, which are highly dated. Although you can tackle this task yourself, be sure to check with a certified professional that your popcorn ceilings don’t contain asbestos. If you’re safe to remove the popcorn ceiling on your own, it can easily become messy and frustrating. If you don’t want to deal with it, you can always hire a company that specializes in popcorn ceiling removal to save you time and stress.

A New Coat

Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door and trim. A pop of color is a great way to liven up your entryway with minimal effort. You can upgrade your cabinetry in the same way, covering dated wood and brightening your kitchen. When it comes to interior walls, stick to neutral earth tones like beige and grey. For color, you can add an accent wall for a unique touch or hang some imaginative artwork after the paint has dried!


First impressions matter, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty outside! Purchase some prefabricated planter boxes or build your own and consider putting in an urban garden. If gardening isn’t your style, you can fill your planters with bulbs and seeds that are sure to brighten your doorway—with very little work! Native plants, as well as bee and butterfly-friendly flowers are another great way to spice up your lawn while also supporting your local environment.

Whatever route you take to upgrade your old home, make sure it’s you! After all a home is a reflection of your personality and flair.

Need help with clearing the clutter before taking on any renovations? We know where to start.