Where Should I Live When I Retire?

Where Should I Live When I Retire?

Today’s seniors have many options to choose from when it comes to deciding where to live when they retire. With so much to think about, we’ve narrowed down some resources to help you sift through your options. Let’s explore them together!

Retirement Connection

This is great place to start!  Retirement Connection is a guide designed specifically for Boomers, Seniors, Caregivers and Providers. The website lists scores of activities and events related to senior living, as well as a search tool to determine availability at senior communities in your area. The printed Retirement Connection Guide can be picked up at locations such as hospitals, senior and community centers, and libraries around Oregon.

Aging in Place

We’ve noticed trend of seniors committed to living in their own homes as they age. “Aging in place” offers the comfort and familiarity of home, as well as the ability to maintain the friendships and routines established there.

Whether you are living alone or with a loved one, you will want to consider:

  • the safety of your space
  • assistance you may require with tasks such as meal preparation and housekeeping
  • access to medical care, as needed.

Another great resource is the National Institute on Aging. They offer a wide variety of helpful links on growing older at home and advocate planning ahead. It’s important to know what services and resources are available to you in your area.

ElderCare Locator is another handy tool available to you to have your questions answered about support services, transportation, elder rights, housing, benefits and insurance.

“Aging in place” could also mean moving to a smaller home or renovating a home to accommodate single level living. Talk with friends and family, or a professional guide (ElderCare Locator website) to discuss your concerns, questions, hopes and dreams for continuing to live in your own home.

 Needing Assistance as You Age

If you discover your needs don’t allow for independent living in your home, don’t fret. There are still plenty of options to choose from. Typically, you will need to think about your health, expenses, and lifestyle choices. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, understanding the different types of living solutions available can help you locate the best fit.

This Senior Living Spectrum grid is an interactive tool that references levels of care and supervision with cost and has a great deal of information about retirement living near you. They provide unbiased research from a team of experts to help seniors “age with grace.”

Downsizing your Memories

As you think about where you want to live, you’ll also need to start thinking about downsizing your belongings. It is an emotional process, which means it will be easier if you take time to do it rather than wait until the last minute. RetireGuide.com points out the ways to cope with these emotions. It also provides steps to make downsizing manageable.

Making the Choice that is Right for You

We know that this can feel like a huge decision to make and can be a stressful season in your life. So be sure to take advantage of the many resources available to you.  We would love to hear how these resources have helped you or let us know if you have a favorite that we didn’t list!

Whatever you decide, it’s important to remember to look for the people and professionals you are comfortable with, who will help make this season in your life a time to thrive!