15 apps to digitize your life

If you ever need to take a home inventory, you’ll need to have a clear record of everything in your house and know exactly how much it’s all worth so that you can be reimbursed in case anything unfortunate happens. That means everything in your drawers, cupboards, and closets. All the tools in your garage and all your electronic gadgets. Your furniture, bedding, and towels. Even family heirlooms, keepsakes, and collectable items. Everything.

If all of this planning and organization sounds pretty daunting, we get it. Without the right tools at your disposal, keeping track of your stuff is a messy affair. Thankfully, this is 2019 and there are dozens of apps to help you stay organized — whether you’re moving or simply tidying up. The visual below highlights the top 15.

After you download a home inventory app that’s right for you, here are some tips for taking a detailed and thorough home inventory:

  • Scour your house to make sure you’ve looked everywhere for anything important. The top shelf in your closet, the corner of your attic, and the racks in your garage are all great places to start.

  • Always have a backup copy of your inventory. Look for an app that backs up your inventory list in a cloud system so that if anything happens to your phone or computer, you’re still covered.

  • Keep a record of serial numbers for expensive items and note exactly how much you paid for them. This way, you’ll be able to ensure the right coverage.