Busy As a….Queen B!

While the pandemic, the wildfires, and other life circumstances have, unfortunately, slowed or closed some businesses down, Queen B Organizing has continued to thrive by being responsive not only to our market needs, but also to the needs of the community.

Leadership Matters

Much of this success can be attributed to the leadership of our own Queen B, Kristin Bertilson. Kristin started her organizing business in 2010, and in just 10 years, now employs nearly 20 workers and has expanded services into areas where our clients showed need: decluttering, packing and unpacking, coordinating events, moves, or office processes, and our most visible service, estate sales.

How has this growth happened? Two words: listening and acting.

When the state first enforced a shutdown last spring, people in transition still needed services such as clearing out a loved one’s home in a timely manner. With the strictures in place, Queen B Organizing could not host estate sales, so Kristin came up with a brilliant idea! The team would continue to safely clean out properties, and she would find a space to store items until sales could be held again. The Beehive was born! Many of you may have shopped our multi-family estate sales there over the last two weeks and seen the amount of attention and care that was taken in preparing items for sale.

Bringing Smiles and Tears

This kind of attention and care happens with intention. During the wildfires, when hundreds of families evacuated to the Linn County Expo Center, Kristin responded to a need there by moving the team to action in organizing the donation center and its operations so it could work to its full efficiency. The outpouring of support from individuals and businesses in the Linn Benton community gave Queen B an outlet to shine in what we do best, bringing tears and smiles to the many evacuees who benefited, right along with our team.

Busy B

Listening to the needs of clients and the community enables one to act. As Peter Drucker notes, “whenever you see a successful business, someone made a courageous decision”.  Kristin has also taken the time to share her expertise and knowledge with the wider community.

Two examples from the last few months include an interview she completed for a podcast hosted by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and a chapter contribution in a book 1 Habit For A Thriving Home Office. In both, she talks about the importance of making decisions, even when you don’t know what the outcome will be. Her decisions to grow her business have not always been easy, but they have propelled her forward into doing what she loves with a great team of “B’s”.

Let Our Hive Help

Bees, as you probably know, are incredibly efficient and organized creatures.  Imagine having a whole hive of bees available to help you find the best ways to shape your space to meet your needs for work, self-care, or play. Well, that’ s exactly what Kristin B and the rest of the team at Queen B Organizing can provide for you! Let us listen to you and act on your behalf to restore peace to your home or office. Contact us and sign up for our mailing list to learn more!