What Are You Ready to Let Go Of?

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What Are You Ready to Let Go Of?

The New Year often starts with resolutions and moving forward with things we want to do, acquire, or try. The end of the year, marked by Winter Solstice, is a reflective time for deciding what we no longer need or want as part of our lives. Are you feeling a desire to start fresh in 2021? What are you ready to let go of?

When you wake up next Monday, December 21st, it will be the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Solstice has been celebrated for centuries with bonfires, decorating with greenery and other traditions designed to remind us that light and warmth will return after winter.

Contemporary solstice celebrations also revolve around light, appreciation of nature, and thoughts of warmer days to come. They often emphasize letting go of habits and possessions that no longer serve us. Some people formally mark the day by writing down what they wish to release and then symbolically burning the list.

This year, whether you celebrate Solstice or not, consider taking some time to evaluate your surroundings. Do you feel at home in your space? Do you feel at peace?

Some Projects for the Colder Days

Cleaning out paperwork – A cold, rainy day provides a good opportunity to clear off that pile of papers or mail that you just haven’t gotten around to yet. If you don’t already have a file or bin for collecting mail and other paperwork as it comes into your home, set that up now! Then collect all the paper you need to sort through and make a decision on each item: trash, recycle, pay now, or file. If you collect all your items in one place and sort through it each week, you will be more organized and efficient. So, grab your cup of tea and start sorting!

Organizing photographs – Chances are, even if most of your photos nowadays are on your phone or other device, you have accumulated family photos in old, sticky albums or loose in boxes. Spend some time thinking about your goals for organizing them. Do you want to share them with family members, or have them available for easy scanning? How do you want to arrange them? Chronologically? By special occasion? Or by family member? Taking time to document dates and events will help those who eventually inherit them to connect them to their time and place. If you are looking to scan and organize your photos digitally, you can review apps here.

Making Your Home More Comfortable – Look around you. How did your living space serve you this year? Do you have a comfortable space to recharge? Efficient space to work or help a family member with school or projects? Is there space that is too cluttered?

Find the treasures in your space, the family furniture that is functional and beautiful, the thrift store coffee table that fits your living room perfectly, a piece of art you just can’t live without. Consider moving items around so they complement each other. Store items that are not currently useful, and if they don’t become useful again in six months or a year, donate them. Move around your home and find the spaces where you feel peaceful. Make that place special by decluttering and then selectively adding in things you love. Remember, you can change items out anytime!

Let it Go!

Plan to ring in the New Year in an organized and peaceful place. Projects you select can be small or large, depending on your time and enthusiasm. Remember, Queen B Organizing offers all these services and more, so if you are looking for a little help or motivation, give us a call! Let us bring a little light into your Solstice.

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