Words for Organizers

The below list is a collaboration effort of NAPO organizers to talk about what they are and can be called! It was an idea that Sue from Simplified Living Solutions started, and this was the results. What do you call your organizer?

Vacation Enabler – Professional organizers can take care of your mail, email, bank deposits, getting rid of junk mail, paying your bills and lots more while you are on vacation. When you return home, rather than being greeted by a huge pile of mail and things to do, you return home to a list of what’s been taken care of for you, and the most important things you need to take care of.

Tax Money & Stress Reducer – Professional organizers don’t do your taxes for you, but we simplify the process for you and your tax preparer by making sure you have the most complete list of items needed to prepare it for you. And we can set up a system so that you’ll always have the information ready at your fingertips going forward.

Category Queen – Professional organizers help you sort all your stuff into neat and easy to find categories or groups.

Logic Lady – Professional organizers help you make decisions on what stuff to keep or let go of.

Storage Stylist – Professional organizers help you decide where and how your stuff should be stored so that it’s easy to find when you need it!

Purge Prompter – Professional organizers help you figure out what to do with things you decide to let go of.

Maintenance Maven – Professional organizers help you set up systems that will continue to work for you long after we’re gone.

Permission Grantor/Liberator – Professional organizers give you permission to part with things you don’t like, need or want. We help you realize it’s OK to let go of it.

Instigator (in a good way) – Professional organizers help you clear up and organize areas that are of concern to you. Often once clients feel the ‘high’ from organizing that area, they want to do more.

Investigator – Professional organizers can determine why the disorganization exists based on factors due to mechanical problems, emotional resistance, situational circumstances or system failures.

Evaluator – Professional organizers can assess current systems in place and determine what is working and what needs improvement with those systems. And then come up with a plan to make those systems more efficient.

Implementer – Professional organizers help you put new systems in place to manage your time, tasks and stuff that will work with your processing and learning styles.

Guidance Counselor – Professional organizers ask the right questions to help you meet your objectives.

Visual Tour Guide – Professional organizers help you to see a new
perspective with a fresh set of eyes.

Teacher – Professional organizers teach you the skills to tackle any
organizational problem with honors!

Coach – Professional organizers listen to the issues and help guide you to the solutions.

Laborer – Professional organizers don’t see any problem as too big or too small. We’ll dive in and tackle the situation at hand.

Social Worker – Professional organizers help you find new homes for your unwanted stuff.

Space Maker/Interior Designer – Professional organizers help you optimize and maximize your available space to make you more efficient and more at peace.

Problem Solver – Professional organizers quickly and easily help you
determine where the problem lies and then they come up with solutions to solve it.

Teacher – Professional organizers teach you and your family new systems that make your life easier.

Green Guru/Economizer/Giver Outer – Professional organizers help you repurpose organizing products (bins, boxes, etc.) that don’t work in one area, but will in another.

Environmentalist – Professional organizers recommend thoughtful ways to donate or dispose of reusable belongings.

Marriage counselor – Professional organizers can assimilate the individual ideas of couples and formulate them into one cohesive plan.

Therapist – Professional organizers are good listeners and sounding boards.

Coach – Professional organizers help you figure out where or how you’re stuck and then they come up with solutions that will help move you forward in the right direction to reach your goals.

Interior Designer – Professional organizers can envision all of the
possibilities of what a room or office can be. They not only help the client “see it”, but they also help you get there.

Product Advisor – Professional organizers provide information on organizing products & services that best meet your needs.

Interior Designer – Professional organizers help you decide what will stay or go and how to arrange the room to look bigger, inviting and more peaceful.

Patient Listener – Professional organizers let you vent over who, what or when, and then they cheerfully coax you into what you really want to do.

Researcher – Professional organizers gather all of the necessary details to find and recommend the exact product or service to meet your needs.

Relationship Therapist – Professional organizers are great relationship
therapists. Relationships with stuff that is!

Downsizing Specialist – Professional organizers put order to the past to make room for the future by helping you choose what to take and what to do with the rest.

Office Organizers – Professional organizers strike a balance between what’s coming in and what’s going out.

Habit Changer – Professional organizers teach you how to work on changing your habits to incorporate organizing and time management techniques into your daily life.

Puzzle Piece Placer – Professional organizers help you figure out how to fit all of the pieces together to make your life simpler, your work more efficient and your time more manageable.

File Folder Name Brain Stormer – Professional organizers can help you decide on file folder names that make sense to you and to the way you look for things.

Positive Nag – Professional organizers encourage you to keep going.

Big Picture Breaker Downer – Professional organizers can take your big picture thoughts and break them down into manageable steps to get you there.

Light Weight Therapist – Professional organizers leave clients often saying that they feel better after spending time with them than they do when they see their therapists!

Paper Pile Destroyer – Professional organizers make paper management less painful.

Clutter Consultants – Professional organizers help you figure out how to tackle your clutter and how to change how you think about your stuff.

Non-judgmental, Impartial Friend – Professional organizers are there to help you make the tough decisions about your stuff.

Family Mediator – Professional organizers work with your entire family and help you come up with a solution or decision that everybody can live with.

Validator – Professional organizers encourage you on the importance of the progress you’re making, no matter how big or how small that progress is.

Referral Maker – Professional organizers can provide you with referrals to other trusted professional service providers for other needs you may have.

List Maker – Professional organizers help you capture the things you need to do, want to do or have to do on a list. They will even prioritize it for you!

Feeling Overwhelmed Tackler – Professional organizers know that clients feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. We know just where to start and where to go from there.