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DIY Ideas for Revamping Your Old Home

Living in an older, outdated home? Give it a little refresh with these renovation ideas that you can tackle yourself. It may take a little work, but let’s get your hands dirty! Organize the Chaos Decluttering is the first step to giving your old home a makeover. Not only will it make you feel less […]

The Cost of Disorganization and Clutter

How Much is Your Lack of Organization Costing You? By: Dawn Hammon Many people experience deep frustration from disorganization. Not being able to find the remote or having the car keys alude you can raise anxiety, not to mention start the day out on the wrong foot. If you haven’t noticed, it’s also exhausting spending […]

Why Can’t I Get Organized?

The Top 5 Obstacles in Your Way For many people, the art of organization comes naturally. The calendar is color-coded, the kids have outfits picked out days in advance, the flow of paperwork moves seamlessly from one basket to the next as tasks are completed. Well, maybe not. But many people do have the skills […]

Stay Organized With These 5 Fundamental Techniques

You’ve sorted every sock, found a home for the ever-invasive mail, and wrangled the kids’ artwork into a system that works. It’s such a great feeling to reclaim your space! A week later, you find today’s art masterpiece stacked with the laundry and the socks choosing new partners before your eyes. Once you’ve achieved some […]

Controlling Workplace Clutter

Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals: Controlling Workplace Clutter Did you know that the average person spends more than two hours a week looking for stuff because his or her work area is disorganized? It can be a real problem. If you’re overwhelmed by your stuff and struggle to be clutter-free, then join Professional Organizer Kristin Bertilson […]

Queen B Organizing is Hiring!

Queen B Organizing is Hiring! Office System Specialist, Residential Spaces Specialist and Relocation/Downsizing Specialist.
Send us your resume today! Closing Date is 7/25/12