How to Organize Your Finances with the KonMari Method

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When we think of organizing our blood pressure often begins to rise. We think about the mess of pots and pans in the kitchen or the garage that has turned into a storage space rather than a home for our car. All of this clutter in our homes seems impossible to prevent. It leaves many of us asking, “What can we do about it?”. Usually the solution can be traced back to our spending habits.

The KonMari method has taken homes by storm as an insightful approach to evaluating belongings. It involves looking at your belongings in terms of the value and joy they bring each day. This can be done with our finances as well! Being intentional about the way you are spending can not only reduce physical clutter, but can save money in the long run.

To help you learn how to be mindful about your finances, Lexington Law has an infographic on how to make your money spark joy with the KonMari method. The visual walks you through 5 steps to get your finances organized and gives tips on how to stay organized in the future.  

If you would like help organizing your finances and reducing clutter, please call the Hive! Our organizers will be more than happy to work with you to evalute what brings you joy each day. We will develop a personalized action plan that fits your needs, and comforts.

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konmari your finances infographic