Why Organize Your Home Office?

There are many reasons for organizing a home office space. Whether you are new to working at home or have always done it, having an efficient, clean, and peaceful place can help you be more productive and less stressed.

What Goals Do You have in Mind?

What is your goal(s) for working from home? Do you find yourself needing to limit distractions so you can be more productive?  Are you wanting to have better boundaries between your work life and personal life? Do you do your best thinking in a particular time of day or a particular space?

Let’s look at what an organized home office can help you accomplish. As you will see, the goal you have in mind will suggest different ways of organizing your workspace.


Working from home can be full of distractions: the kids, the cat, the neighbor moving a lawn, or that snack calling from the kitchen.  If being more productive (read: disciplined) is your goal, you might try some of the suggestions offered in this article, starting with eliminating any items that you don’t need or that call your attention away from your work. Only keep items in your immediate workspace that say, “we are here to work”.  When you evaluate items in your work area, ask yourself if they motivate you to work or bring out your personal best, the way a diploma or a wedding photo or an award might.

From there, it will be easy to set up your space so it is comfortable and well-lit. Be sure and keep a large trash can handy to help keep it free of clutter!

Work Life Balance

Sometimes, when working from home, we find it hard to separate ourselves from our work emails, calls, or projects.  Setting aside specific work hours can help. Be sure to include time for breaks and movement so you don’t get burned out. If it’s possible for you, set aside a separate workplace within your home, whether it is a separate room, or a space carved out for your computer and paperwork.  Suggestions how to do that efficiently, without getting too comfortable (which can decrease your effectiveness) can be found here.

Finding work life balance requires organizing both your space and time so that you can shift your focus as you move through your day.


If you need help being more creative when working from your home office, you are in luck! Studies show that workers are, on balance, more creative working at home than in the office. However, if you need a little boost, think of all the things you can’t typically have or do at an office and make them part of your work day at home. Think color, art on the walls, standing up and dancing to music you enjoy, and making a work schedule that allows you time to recharge in your favorite ways – naps, the outdoors, aromatherapy… in other words, be creative!

Try some of these tips to help you meet your goals for working at home and let us know what works for you! If you need help identifying your goals or getting what you need in your home office space done, reach out to Queen B Organizing and we can help you discover what works best for you.